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The Small World of Big Data

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The good people at the WebSphere User Group and Planet Lotus have requested that I make some IOD posts for them – here’s an exceprt o f the first day Keynote:


One of the interesting aspects of Deepak’s presentation was the notion of Taking Analytics to where the data is. That means combining analytics results that have been generated form cloud data on the cloud and in-house data inside an organization. This is reminiscent of (and no doubt inspired by) Hadoop’s ability to centrally control tasks that are sent to be executed elsewhere and bring back results to be aggregated.

One of the interesting aspects of this approach that I see for the future is the potential to have third parties and service providers to apply and combine analytics results developed in different places at different times. For example, a credit reporting agency could generate analytics results on their own data sets, then combine the results with analytics results form a customer inside an organization or a a queried service, instead of the current practice of sharing raw data and executing all of the analytics in-house at each of the credit agency’s customers.

via | Brian Benz | IBM IOD – First Day.

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