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The Small World of Big Data

It Budgets will increase at 4% per year due to Unstructured Big Data

The article is actually about Business Intelligence Success in a school system, but highlights why Big Data is getting so much attention – we’re collecting it, it’s growing every day, and what to we do with it?

IT currently devotes 10% of its budget to buying and running storage. With the pace of unstructured data creation accelerating, storage managers will find new data accumulating faster than they can store it, given storage’s cost of $7,500-$9,000 per TB, Hurd said. Trying to capture the newly available data will prompt a further expansion of the IT budget at the rate 4% a year, Hurd predicted. IT can put some brakes on the expansion through rigorous use of data deduplication and compression, available in Oracle products, but they can’t escape it entirely.

via Oracle’s Hurd Touts San Diego Schools’ BI Success | Big Data.

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